Bullet Journal 2019

I’m still fairly new to the world of bullet journalling but, having just wrapped up my first full year of using one consistently, I can confidently say it has improved my life. A bullet journal is a system created by Ryder Carroll. Its primary purpose is a planning tool to increase productivity and better manage your time. If you’re new to the concept, this video is a good place to start. Beyond its functionality, artists around the world have created a whole world of themes and specific monthly pages.

I started incorporating a monthly ‘mood tracker’ page in April. It’s surprisingly helpful to get into the habit of checking in daily, even for just a few minutes, to reflect on the state of your mental health. I’m also enjoying the creative challenge of designing a tracker that ties in with each unique theme, and the satisfaction of seeing a completed page at the end of the month.

‘Plan with me’ videos for my 2019 themes:

Favourite art supplies:

A new year; a new decade. I want to keep challenging myself and evolving as an artist… but also to forgive and remind myself that creativity cannot be forced. I’m not one for annual resolutions and haven’t a clue where 2020 will take me, but knowing my trusty journal will be part of my daily ritual provides some comfort against the uncertainty.

Rwanda: Women For Women

Back in March, I travelled with Taylors of Harrogate to Rwanda to photograph their Extraordinary Journey. With so many memories, stories and photos… I’m going to share them across three journal entries.

One of my most unforgettable experiences was sitting in on Women For Women classes in Gikondo learning skills such as: sales and marketing, health and family planning, loans and budgeting. Most of the women, who are sponsored on their year-long courses through donations, are single mothers who attend with their younger children.

We also visited the Women’s Opportunity Centre in Kayonza to learn about the brilliant work that Women For Women - a charity that Taylors have supported for many years - do across Rwanda. The centre’s objective is to “empower its community, create economic opportunities and rebuild social infrastructure”.

Jumping into a 4x4, we drove to a farming collective of Women For Women graduates, who recently won a business competition and invested their winnings in an irrigation system. We couldn’t stop taking photos of their beautiful organic vegetables… which they found absolutely hilarious. By the way we ‘ooh’ed and ‘aah’ed, the farmers must’ve thought we’d never seen a beetroot in our lives.

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