Jiangxi Adventures

We spent a few days exploring around Jiangxi province, returning to the town of Wuyuan each night. It was a brilliant experience, not least because there were relatively few other tourists, something I’m not used to in bustling China. As well as the incredible views, we were treated to the freshest local cuisine. At each restaurant, there was meat from animals raised by the families themselves, and vegetables and tea picked each morning.

One of the strangest buildings I’ve stumbled across on my travels. This upside-down room led into another room that had a sloped floor, but was entirely tilted so it looked normal. This causes all sorts of confusion, and it feels like you’re on a rocking boat, as your brain continually tries to work out why your centre of gravity is off. Bizarre but great fun!

This area is known for its thousands of bright yellow rapeseed fields. Beautiful.

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