Women’s March on London

I don’t know what I was expecting as I made my way to Grosvenor Square. The air was biting cold and the sky was icy blue to match. I knew the Women’s March, a rally led by women but welcoming all participants, would be big… In fact, big didn’t quite cover it.

Women, men and children quickly filled the square in front of the US Embassy. Despite the numerous (and witty) digs at Trump’s many failings, the overall atmosphere was positive, and the movement was clearly about much more than just him. People wanted to show they would fight for the rights they felt were under threat – reproductive rights, immigration, gender equality, LGBTQ rights… hell, just basic human rights.

Sommelier’s Table at The Connaught

Disclosure: I was invited to dine as a guest.

To describe Hélène Darroze as inspiring is an understatement. Her wealth of culinary experience and accolades speak for themselves, but I’m also in awe of her generosity and humility. So I felt a teeny bit starstruck every time she popped in to say hello in between courses at her Sommelier’s Table lunch at The Connaught. A clever twist on the concept of a chef’s table, Hélène designs each menu to match the sommelier’s choice of wines. Today we discovered the world of Pinot Noir and the key ingredient was the cep mushroom.

Every course was subtle and clever, and I particularly loved the intimate dining room with a view into their limestone wine cellar. You can find out more about this experience and make a reservation here. You won’t regret it.

A Relaxing Week in Slovenia

I have always been a city girl at heart but, once in a while, my body just screams for a little nature time. Unexpectedly a window of a week opened smack bang in the middle of wedding season, so I grabbed the opportunity and hopped on a plane to Slovenia. My friends and I rented a cottage near Lake Bled for 4 nights, then an apartment in Ljubljana for the weekend. I made a video to try and convey the peace and beauty this country has to offer.

We swam in both Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj, and also took a drive through Triglav National Park. It struck me how much Slovenians loved and respected their land, and how quietly proud they were to share it with visitors. Food-wise… expect a lot of processed pork! Slovenian cuisine is heavily influenced by its neighbours – Italy, Austria, Hungary, etc. We sampled traditional dishes like cheese dumplings, beef broth, an array of pork sausages and hams, as well as impressive seafood.

I’ve returned to my regular life feeling re-energised with a clear head (and lungs). Would definitely recommend this country if you’re looking for some quality relaxation amidst fairytale-esque lakes and mountains. Hvala, Slovenija!

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