Postcards from Tuscany

London is predictably hectic but it’s nothing compared to my parents’ life in Beijing. So whenever we’re reunited, Nathaniel and I try to take them somewhere peaceful, green and slow. Back in 2015 we all spent a glorious week in Tuscany. I tried hard to minimise time spent on digital devices, even when it came to photography. As frustrating as it sometimes became, I lugged around and shot on an old-school SLR (my Contax 645) and rekindled my love for film.

And then… London life got in the way again. For two years these rolls of film sat in my fridge, half-forgotten, until my friend and fellow photographer Chrystal kindly offered to develop and scan them. I’m so happy with the results!

Every time I receive a set of scanned film, I’m reminded of the magic of the whole process. Nowadays I shoot on various digital devices (Canon 5Diii, a Sony a7rii and the Google Pixel) but it’s worthwhile to slow down and think through each click, rather than blinding shooting 10 in a row with a “I can fix this later” attitude. Quality over quantity, always.

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